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Beware of Tax-Related Identity Thieves
May 20, 2017
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May 21, 2017

Electronic filing of your tax return is one of the convenient tax filing scheme available today.  However, when your return is electronically rejected along with the message that a return bearing your social security number has already been filed, consider this scenario as a possible tax-related theft.  Another person may have used your social security number to file his return, making you a victim of identity theft.  Form 14039 can be used to assist you in this situation.  The IRS has created this document called the Identity Theft Affidavit.  Accomplish the form and file it immediately following instructions on their official website.

You receive a verification notice

You get a written notice from the IRS requesting confirmation if you have already filed your return using your social security number.  It is one of the office’s way of knowing if a certain “questionable” return received by their office is actually dubious or not.  If it is, it will hold the suspicious tax return document and send a notice to you to check on some personal information.  Receiving such notice when you haven’t really filed a return at that time is a sign that your identity may have been compromised.

You suddenly receive forms, refunds or transcripts you did not ask for

You are sent a W-2 indicating income you didn’t even earn.  This could mean that someone else used your tax information and had declared income using your own social security number.

You get a check sent purportedly by the US Department of Treasury.  However, it is for a refund amount that you didn’t even request.  Instead of depositing said check, call the IRS immediately and inform them about it.  You may also ask the help of a tax attorney.

It’s also possible that you were sent a tax return transcript from the IRS.  If you get one but you did not even request for it, someone could be trying to get that same information through a transcript.

Attorney Willhelm Feld has written this article strictly for informational purposes.  Talk now with a trusted tax attorney for advice on tax-related issues and concerns.

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