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May 21, 2017
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June 30, 2017

In divorce cases, especially those involving considerable amounts of valuable assets, it is quite common for a husband or wife to keep some assets undeclared.  Most of the time the burden rests on the affected spouse to search for this hidden wealth.  The best person to help you in uncovering these assets is a responsible and seasoned lawyer.  As a lawyer specializing in divorce cases, a Colorado Springs divorce attorney knows where to search.

Your spouse could be hiding these by circumventing procedures in reporting income.  Some of his undeclared assets may also be tucked away in offshore investments that could be difficult to trace.  Understating assets is also another “tool” for hiding wealth.

The problem with undisclosed wealth among spouses who are divorcing is that the courts of Colorado may reach a decision on the distribution of marital assets based on an incomplete investigation.  This will result in the unjust allocation of assets and business interests.

If you have some doubts but aren’t sure yet if your spouse has undeclared assets, then a divorce attorney can help you.

You don’t have to worry about paying for consultation fees.  Free initial consultation awaits you if you call now using the listed numbers below.

A Colorado Springs attorney can help you explore hidden assets and this is just the beginning.  Once he has traced them, he is able to represent you during property disputes.  Once a dissolution of marriage is reached, the divorce attorney is there to ensure that you get your fair share of the properties subject of dispute.

His services will also include finding and listing undeclared wealth.  He will dig into your spouse’s financial documents, tax records (including business tax returns).  Some spouses enter into agreements involving investing sums of money or contracts on the purchase of assets without disclosing it to a spouse.

A lawyer is in a position to demand copies of all financial statements when in a divorce case. He can demand copies of tax returns as these are links that may lead to those hidden assets.

While it is critical to look into your spouse’s wealth before concluding any divorce proceeding, you can still appeal for a reopening of the case if an undisclosed asset is discovered at a later date.

A Colorado Springs divorce attorney who is both skilled and experienced knows fully well where to explore for possible hidden assets.  Additionally, he is able to interpret date presented in a financial statement.

In case you are beginning to suspect about your spouse’s undeclared wealth, you may contact a divorce attorney for an initial free consultation.  Eventually, he can help you unravel facts about your spouse’s wealth.  These are vital info that can be submitted to a Colorado court of law in a divorce case.

In the absence of a representation and the right resources, you might end up not receiving your fair share or hold your spouse accountable for such concealment of the asset.

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