Hot powers according to the Colorado state

Basic Facts About the Colorado Power of Attorney
May 20, 2017
Duties of an Agent Under the Colorado Power of Attorney
May 20, 2017

Based on a 2010 ruling issued by Colorado, assigning “hot powers” are not enforceable if these are expressed in a very general sense.  For instance, “authority to act on my behalf on all personal finances” is not allowed.  The law prescribes that each “hot power” must be specifically expressed.

In case you elect to draft a power of attorney using as basis, the Colorado legal form, there are available forms of power of attorney where “hot powers” are already listed and all you have to do is select these powers that you wish to assign.   

Medical powers

When granting health-related power of attorney, Colorado state imposes that a separate document titled medical power of attorney must be created and executed.

This document is governed by legal requisites imposed on power of attorneys covering financial decisions.  However, it is also best to have the document witnessed by two parties instead of just one.  If you seek medical services outside of Colorado, having two witnesses raises the likelihood that your power of attorney remains binding.

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