Filing UPL Complaints at Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation

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May 21, 2017
Advantage of filing a request for investigation
May 21, 2017

The Colorado Supreme Court has the authority to regulate law practice.  It aims to prevent the practice of law by persons who are not licensed to do so in the state of Colorado.  Unauthorized practice of law (UPL) by or among individuals in Colorado is prosecuted by the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.

Essence of the UPL ruling

The UPL ruling is aimed at protecting the general public.  To do this, the state’s supreme court is vested with the power to issue a civil injunction to individuals found guilty of UPL.  An injunction served prevents such individual from further UPL engagements.

Request for Investigation

If you believe you have become a victim of UPL, you can start filing a complaint by submitting a formal written request addressed to the Colorado Supreme Court Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel.  Indicate your name, address, and contact numbers as well as those of the non-lawyer subject of your complaint.  List important facts relevant to or in support of your complaint and enclose additional photocopies of supporting documents, if there’s any.

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