Facts About Your Colorado Medical Durable Power of Attorney

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May 21, 2017
Colorado Durable Financial Power of Attorney Explained
May 21, 2017

Anyone signing a medical power of attorney should perform due diligence to ensure that the purposes for which it was created are clearly indicated in the document.  Amending a document because you missed out some provisions is a waste of time.

Better to spend some time now reviewing and understanding the document than suffer the future repercussions of not paying attention to or understanding the vital details of the document.

Below is a list of valuable information when executing your medical power of attorney.

  • By signing the document you are appointing an agent who will make decisions on health matters on your behalf for the reason that you are incapacitated. These decisions may cover situations involving life support and terminal cases.  However, even if you have executed the document, you retain the sole right to make decisions yourself even if you are not incapacitated.
  • You can specify in the document the various kinds of treatments that you wish to be performed and those that you wish to leave out. For life support treatments, it is for your best interest to clearly state in the document what you wish to be done by your appointed agent.
  • The authority granted to your agent can also be withdrawn if you, the principal, is competent to do so. Lawyers advise principals to make the revocation in writing.  Copies of the written revocation should likewise be given to persons who previously received copies of the medical power of attorney.
  • As it is in any legal document, refrain from signing one if you have not understood what it is all about, including their legal consequences. It also helps to seek the aid of an attorney if you have some difficulty understanding some provisions or if you need some clarification.
  • Requirements on witnesses and notarization changes depending on the laws of that state you are in. If you are going to change states, ensure that you know their requirements when it comes to the medical durable powers of attorney.
  • Thoroughly check the document contents. You should see instructions where you are supposed to affix your name, home or postal address, telephone and contact numbers of the party you are appointing as an agent.  You should also be asked to appoint an alternative agent should your original appointee becomes unable to perform his agent duties.
  • Indicate clear instructions on medical treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, enteral feeding, dialysis of the kidneys, use of a ventilator and other life-sustaining machines. State if you wish to use these treatments or not so your agent can act according to your wishes and best interest.

The medical durable power of attorney provided on this site may be used by those who are planning to execute one.  The form is also acceptable in  Colorado.  However, understand that not all forms of medical durable power of attorney are tailored to your needs.  So be sure that the one you are going to sign will suit yours.

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