Concerns Over Tax Levies And Liens

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November 8, 2017
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Owing the government money for unpaid taxes is a very scary situation to be in. When it comes to owing the government money, you are at risk of losing just about everything that you own. In fact, the government does not even need to get a court order to put levies and liens in place on your property, so it is critical that you do all that you can to negotiate terms with the IRS that you can commit to.

Hire a Tax Levies Specialized Lawyer to Handle with IRS

If you do not have experience in negotiating with the IRS it is best to hire a IRS tax lawyer that specializes in local taxation issues. They have the experience to get you the best possible deal so that you can avoid having liens and levies put on your home, car, bank account and earnings. They have the ability to seize just about anything of value, or in the least, make it so that you can not sell it until you have satisfied the debt.


If you are able to negotiate terms of repaying that will stop the IRS from issuing levies and liens you want to be sure that you fully understand all of the terms involved. Your lawyer should be more than willing to explain everything to you in terms that you understand. This is critical, because if at some point you do not make payments as required the IRS then has the ability to take steps to seize your property. For paying IRS tax, you can also Seek a Professional Tax Help.

This can be especially devastating because included in what is deemed property is any income that you are making. The government can garnish your paychecks up to 50% in order to fulfill the debt that you owe them. It is important that you pay your payment arrangement with them before you handle anything else each month. Not doing so will surely result in a far worse situation than you might be in paying more than you believe you can afford.

Importance of Repayment Plan

Having tax levies and liens put forth by the federal government on your property can be one of the most devastating events that life can throw at you. If you owe the government money for unpaid taxes the very first thing you should do is seek representation. They should be able to work with the IRS to create a repayment plan that you can afford. Doing so will put a stop to any action by the IRS.

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